Tuesday, November 05, 2002

WHICH WORLD AM I LIVING IN? (Part II): At this hour (4:30 pm EST), Josh Marshall's private exit poll has Mondale up by 3 points in Minnesota, and Liddy Dole up by 3 in SC. At exactly the same time, Drudge has the exact opposite -- Coleman over Mondale by 3 points, and Bowles bowling ahead of Dole by some unknown margin.

Obviously, you can't attribute these predictions to the wishful thinking of their personal politics. The truth is, no one knows anything.

That's it. No more mid-term election predictions or commentary here, folks. I can't take the excitement. We'll see what's what tomorrow morning.

Daily Pundit, on the other hand, is right on top of each state-by-state contest.

Monday, November 04, 2002

TIMES ARE TOUGH, HUH, BUB? Look, the economy's in double-dip recession ... it's getting harder to make ends meet ... you gotta do what you gotta do to put food on the table, right? If that means selling American babies, you sell American babies. And if Meredith can't have her own babies, who can fault her if she's willing to pay top-dollar ...

Sorry, what was that? American Baby magzine? Not American babies?

Ohhhh. That's very different!

Never mind.