Friday, November 01, 2002

WHICH WORLD AM I LIVING IN?: Here's the emblem of the parallel universe Evil Federation, as depicted in the original Star Trek episode "Mirror, Mirror":

Here's the logo of the US Department of Defense’s Technical Support Working Group: (via Avram Grummer)

Here's the patch associated with Boeing's new Air Force tactical stealth fighter prototype, the Bird of Prey -- and yes, it's after the Klingon warship of the same name: (via Meryl Yourish)

Now you tell me -- does life imitate art, or vice versa?

A PAL WHO FINALLY GETS IT: (via Instapundit): This is a very sad story -- but in a way, it fills me with hope. For if this blind man can finally see the truth, perhaps the sighted will one day be able to manage it as well:
Although Abudeir refuses to condemn the militant Islamic groups behind the bombings by name, he accuses them of using suicide bombers as not only a means of making themselves politically relevant but also for financial gain. [italics mine]

"The Israelis are armed with democracy, knowledge and order," he said. "We need these weapons. Blowing up 100 buses and restaurants will neither destroy Israel nor bring us victory."

Read the whole thing.