Thursday, October 10, 2002

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Tree sitter dies in 50-foot fall:
The man, whose identity hasn't been released but went by the forest name "Naya," had only been in the tree for about 12 hours on Tuesday evening when he fell, according to Dennis Davie of the Santa Cruz contingent of Earth First!

"Santa Cruz Earth First! is deeply saddened by this tragic event, we never like to lose an activist," said Davie. "This was a young man in his first tree-sit."

Welcome to Room 101, Naya...

QUOTE OF THE DAY: I was thinking idly to myself this morning -- Why are the cops trying to nab the D.C.-area sniper? Don't they understand that one man's deranged psychopath is another man's performance artist? Couldn't it be that this killer simply has no choice but to protest the imprisoning of thousands of like-minded, so-called American "murderers" in the only way he can? Don't the authorities comprehend that, for every sniper we take out, ten more will arise to avenge him?

And then, "Andrew X," commenting over at Little Green Footballs, added these prudent obervations:

Why are going after this guy NOW?? How do we know he's going to shoot anyone else? And if we corner him, won't he just lash out with that rifle.... or WORSE?

There are other shooters in the country. What's with all the Federal and media involvment? Why THIS guy? There are mafia guys and serial killers out there now that have killed more people. Why pick this one shooter out of all of them??

Are we prepared to deal with the consequences to the shooter's family if we persue this course of action? What EXACTLY do we plan to do to help them in the aftermath of his capture or demise?

Frankly, what ulterior motive do the Mongomery County and Federal Governments have here? Are we to believe that (ahem) "safety of the public" is REALLY what this is about? Please.

I'm sorry, but I will require answers to these questions before I can sign off on my tax dollars going to find this "killer."

Wouldn't want those very serious objections to be overlooked amidst all the other very serious debate going on today. Thanks, Andrew.