Tuesday, July 30, 2002

AND IN OTHER NEWS ... in one, final burst of hubris ...
CLEVELAND (AP) - Preparing to sentence former Rep. James A. Traficant Jr., a federal judge today rejected his argument that he should not be sanctioned because he has already been punished by expulsion from the House. ... Traficant had planned to argue that a prison sentence would represent double jeopardy or being punished twice for the same crime.
By that logic, David Berkowitz has been wrongly imprisoned for years -- having already been sufficiently punished by not being allowed to keep his job as a postal worker.

Bulletin from AOL's headline news:
Explosion in Jerusalem Kills One
JERUSALEM (AP) - A suicide bomber set off explosives today at the entrance of a central Jerusalem food stand popular with police, killing himself and injuring four Israelis, police said...

UPDATE #1: 20 minutes later, someone apparently decided a rewrite was called for. The same AOL news item now softens the story, avoiding altogether the use of the word kill or any variant thereof:

Suicide Bombing in Central Jerusalem
JERUSALEM (AP) - A Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up today at a central Jerusalem fast-food stand popular with police, wounding four Israelis, police said...

UPDATE #2: Interestingly, Slate's "Today's Papers" takes it one step further:
... a suicide bomber blew himself up yesterday in Jerusalem, slightly injuring five people, and killing nobody.