Friday, January 25, 2002

Reader Glenn Cordua thinks Enron bought the proverbial pig in a poke when they donated the entirety of my great-aunt Zelda's 401k retirement fund to the RNC:

Actually, in terms of the policies implemented and recommended by the Bush administration, I would score this one as a clean and complete wipeout for ENRON. From the rejection of Kyoto, to the strong recommendation to open ANWR, to the removal of Hebert as FERC chair, to the proctological examination of ENRON, DYNEGY, and all the other Californicating energy traders since late last spring under the direction of Pat Wood at the FERC (still under way), and many other details too numerous to list. To those of us in Houston, and familiar with the energy industry, the sweep of ENRON's skunking by the Bush administration in 01 was breathtaking.

Not to promote any conspiracy theories, mind you -- but I'm beginning to form the impression that the Bushies made an intentionally brilliant tactical decision, very early on, to stiff Ken Lay in order to avoid the appearance of ever having been in his pocket.

Perhaps Enron's largesse ultimately bought them nothing of value, but the next obvious question is: Who was the SECOND-largest contributor of soft money to the Republican National Committee? Who was the THIRD-largest? Who was the FOURTH and FIFTH largest? And are THEY licking their wounds today -- or licking their chops?

If I'm imagining phantom conspirators in dark places, feel free to fact-check my ass. That's what this whole exercise is about.


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