Friday, January 18, 2002

I'M A FAILURE! I must be. Otherwise, while he was busily trashing the entire, insular WarBlog community for -- what? Not being as clever a group of writers as, say, the typical writer? -- Tim Cavanaugh would surely have found some fault with a throwaway kind word or generous remark I'd made in the pages of Mind Over What Matters, lo these past three months.

Instead, he nails "...the consistently correct Moira Breen," trashes "my very dear friend Ken Layne," and finds fault with "another terrific Matt Welch column." Among twenty-or-so other, non-fraudlent members of the Big-Name Blogger Brigade. Where's Mind Over What Matters? Nowhere! As least insofar as Tim Cavanaugh is concerned,

Aha! Here's the problem! Obviously, I'm not sufficiently sucking up to the right self-aggrandizing people. Tim! It's not too late! I can learn! I'll do better! Look here! See? Watch this:

My self-hating friend Tim Cavanaugh has just written a "laundry-list" style hatchet job that would put Maureen Dowd to shame! Don't miss it!

Daimnation trashes Tim Cavanaugh here.
Samizdata trashes Tim Cavanaugh here.
Instapundit trashes Tim Cavanaugh here.
Dailypundit trashes Tim Cavanaugh here.
Little Green Footballs trashes Tim Cavanaugh here.
Bjørn Stærk trashes Tim Cavanaugh here.
Tim Blair trashes Tim Cavanaugh here.
Jeff Jarvis gently trashes Tim Cavanaugh here.
Ken Layne royally trashes Tim Cavanaugh here and here.

And finally, USS Clueless reminds us here that, by calling so much attention to his little chain-yanking stunt, the above-mentioned bloggers have only helped Cavanaugh accomplish exactly what he set out to do. My position, quite the contrary, is that when Mind Over What Matters fails to jump at the slightest provocation, we're letting the terrorists win.


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