Thursday, January 24, 2002

SULLIVAN UNRAVELS (2): Amidst all the verbiage that spewed from and about him over past week, Andrew Sullivan did say -- and I have to take him at his word -- that "l'affaire Krugman" has nothing to do with ideology, and that his "...criticisms would apply to anyone of any politics on the take from Enron and not disclosing fully, including the fee."

Fine. But then, let's just take one more minute to put things in perspective. Which is the more troubling turn of events that should warrant so much blogging energy?

(1) Paul Krugman reveals the size of his usual consulting fee -- and, yes, the size of his ego -- but in no way can be shown to have compromised the logic of his arguments or diminished the accuracy of his reportage of Bush's smoke-and-mirrors economic / energy policies?


(2) Even at this late date, the White House still refuses to release the names of that cabal of Republican donors and industry advisors who last year met with Dick Cheney and carved out a national energy policy that was virtually Enron's wish-list on a silver platter?


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