Thursday, November 29, 2001

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I committed a madness today! =)!

I made one upgrade in mine maquinozza, I retired my Ruindows 2000, and installed Ruindows XP! wuahahawuahaha!

I do not know where I was with the head to make this...

I find that now that I go to have that to make one upgrade in my brain not to commit more atrocities as this! hehe...

but paradinha until it functioned bacana... I installed the XP of the zero did not stop so far...

I had that to reeinstalar all tralhas, easy creator compact disc 4 did not twirl...goes to have that to buy piraton of version 5... 3dmax4 gave pirada in the XP and I so far did not obtain to make it to function direitinho...

what I was chateado same was that the XP still does not have to driver it my to scanner bagacerozzo a thousand nine hundred and small ball... fuck! = (!

I go to finish selling it and buying something more current... the XP is this tá bacanão... everything blue. twirling more fast than old the 2000 and still it did not stop (still). hehe...

soon plus it starts to give those coarse errors and bizonhos... poor it is a same disaster!

it does not obtain to buy a Mac and he is if deluding with sisteminha new there of the put Micro$oft visualzinho "aqua ".

oooooo illness! =)

Isn't it nice to know that, all over the world, people are basically the same -- just trying to survive the Microsoft hegemony like you and me?

Usage Note from "Hegemony" may be stressed on either the first or second syllable, though the pronunciation with stress on the second syllable may be winning out. Seventy-two percent of the Usage Panel prefers it.


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