Thursday, November 29, 2001

SECOND-GUESSING OSAMA - PART DEUX: Echoing the sentiments expressed in this space last week -- in a linked essay that will disappear or be replaced one week from today, so click fast! -- Terry Golway of the New York Observer observes:

Rhetorically, we have condemned those who carried out the atrocities of Sept. 11 and those who may be planning more of the same as heinous mass murderers, no different than the thugs who populate our maximum-security prisons. But if we consign the terrorists to military trials and military justice, we may be giving them undeserved dignity, a status in which they will take no small measure of perverted delight.

My point exactly. Thanks to the Bush/Ashroft military tribunal decree, Osama's best available exit strategy is to walk out of his cave tomorrow morning, wave the white flag, and turn himself in for trial and execution by our brand-new Soviet-style star chamber. Short of starting up his very own Blog and earning an Instapundit "Seal of Approval" sidebar link, what better way for Osama to spread his message widely to as many potential future binLadenites as possible (--that the United States embraces corrupt, evil, dangerous values--) than with his closing argument in the most-watched kangaroo courtroom drama in the history of the world?


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