Friday, November 23, 2001

THAT'S ALL'S I CAN STAND, AND I CAN'T STANDS NO MORE! Much as I'm grateful to live in a free country where anyone can express any opinion without fear of government reprisal -- and as much as I respect his unique talents as a political cartoonist -- even I am getting a little fed up with Ted Rall now.

(Housecleaning Update: As for last week's Doonesbury flap -- for all the controversey it has generated -- the worst thing I can say about the 11/18 Sunday strip was that Garry Trudeau delivered an atypically unsubtle and graceless broadside which was, nevertheless, fundamentally true. Who seriously doesn't believe that the Bushies are using their short-term popularity to swiftly ram through as much of their unpopular right-wing agenda as possible?)


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