Thursday, September 05, 2002

WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE? ... asks Michael Oren:

Admiral Yamamoto, commander of the Pearl Harbor attack, later lamented that Japan had "awakened a sleeping giant." His prophecy proved entirely accurate. Today, we look back on America's recovery from that catastrophe with overwhelming awe and pride. It will be interesting to see, then, how posterity judges the aftermath of September 11.

Questions may well be raised about America's failure to respond to terror more vigorously, and its preference for mourning over vengeance. Why, historians might ask, were young people so reluctant to enlist?

Why would the president entertain the leaders of the country that supplied most of the perpetrators of and the funding for the murder of 3,000 Americans?

One conclusion, however, is already indisputable. Had it responded to Pearl Harbor as it did to September 11, the US would not have won World War II...

UPDATE: What, Michael Oren didn't make the point eloquently enough? The "debate" rages on in the Comments link below.


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