Friday, March 22, 2002

KA-CHING!!!! For the very first time since this enterprise was launched six months ago, some kind, anonymous soul with excellent taste in Blogerature has donated $10 to the Mind Over What Matters tip jar! Why, I'm positively beaming! At this rate, I'll have my back taxes paid off in about ... 30,000 years!

Of course, what's really important here is whoring for links. So, this week, let me also kindly thank Matt Welch, Natalie Solent, W. T. Quick, Geoffrey Barto -- did I miss anyone? -- of course, the "Gold Standard," good ol' InstaGuy -- for their insightful and often-challenging feedback and follow-up on my humble verbiage. Also, props to everyone who's participating in our new "Comments" feedback loops.


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