Tuesday, March 19, 2002

MORAL EQUIVALENCY WATCH: Orson Scott Card is fed up with Geraldo Rivera. James Lileks minces no words, either. All I can add is, where's the ticket-holders' line?

UPDATE I: Howard Mortman adds: "If Geraldo denounces Israel while Israel is securing its border, then the terrorists will have won." And they did.

UPDATE II: Chris Brown chimes in, via e-mail: "It is a noble sentiment when [Geraldo] says he would die for Israel. My problem with him is the way he's procrastinating about it. (For all that you and fellow Bloggers detest Ted Rall, I'd suggest that he's still higher in the media food chain than Geraldo. For starters, he never hosted a talk show called, "Geraldo," and I think that's worth points in Heaven right there.)


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