Thursday, February 28, 2002

WHO SHOULD BLOG? Last week, in an idle parenthetical afterthought, I mentioned that Daniel Radosh -- formerly a contributor to NY Press and Spy magazine, and in some fashion affiliated with Modern Humorist, but lately not chalking up any new credits that manage to cross my path -- is exectly the sort of guy who should have discovered blogging by now. I miss my regular doses of Radosh wit, and if he's not writing for money these days, he should at the very least be writing for the greater glory of links and hit counts.

Ken Layne, meanwhile, gets a kick out Dan (Tom Tomorrow) Perkins' month-old blog, and looks forward to the day when all manner of preeminent journalists, musicians, politicians and media whores embrace this phenomenon. "More! I want blogs by Friedman, Safire, Dave Barry, Tony Blair, Condi Rice, Hunter Thompson, Steve Earle, Chuck D, Elmore Leonard, Jon Stewart, Courtney Love, Willie Nelson ... More Blogs Now!"

Well, if the floor is wide-open to fantasy nominations -- Who Should Blog? -- then let me propose the following candidates:

(1) Jimmy Webb, composer of MacArthur Park, Wichita Lineman, Galveston, All I Know, and a hundred more pop classics, and the author of a little how-to manual called Tunesmith. His "drinking days," with the likes of Richard Harris, Harry Nilsson and John Lennon are the stuff of legend. One of these days, I must write something in this space, at greater length, on the theory that Jimmy Webb is God.

(2) Jim Shooter, the often-vilified former editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics. I should say unfairly-vilified, but on the other hand, I've never had to work for him. Regardless; before he was reviled at Marvel, he was the much-beloved prodigy who scripted about four-dozen classic Legion of Super-Heroes stories for Adventure Comics before he finished high school. Years ago, I had the opportunity to correspond with Jim a little bit; I'd sure like to hear him reflect on what transpired since, and what he's up to lately.

(3) Seth McFarlane, the genius (and voice artist) behind Fox's most overlooked and underappreciated animated series, Family Guy. While he may not have invented the notion of esoteric throwaway cultural references as a form of dramatic punctuation, McFarlane has ratcheted it up to an art form in itself. Even if you don't know it yet, you're going to miss his show when it's gone.

(4) Eric Bogosian doesn't know me from a hole in the wall, but I've had the unique pleasure of washing his dishes anonymously. Eric graduated from Oberlin College in 1974, my freshman year -- and I did so much food-service temping at Oberlin's various cafeterias that year, I must surely have handled his dinner cutlery dozens of times. If you only know Eric as the over-the-top villian in Under Siege II, you're not even scratching the surface; his play (and subsequent film) SubUrbia gouges more deeply. Infrequent Bogosian meditations appear on his self-promotional website, but if he doesn't start blogging soon, I've got to find some other credible excuse to periodically pick his brains.

(5) Mike Flynn gave it a fair shot at my urging, but so far he hasn't quite gotten the hang of blogging. C'mon, Mike -- if you want to get picked up by Fox News, you've got to be willing to commit!

(6) Bill Sherman, at least, is willing to commit. But really, Bill, wouldn't a blog be more sensible?


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