Wednesday, February 13, 2002

Once upon a time, I WAS this guy:
"...This is hardly the only belief of yours with which I take extreme umbrage. I find particularly laughable your na´ve conviction that Hal's vulnerability to the color yellow damages the comic's storyline rather than adding excitement. Are you intentionally trying to miss the point with comments like, 'You would just have to shoot him with a yellow bullet'? Jumping fish hooks, how many times do I have to explain: NO, he can't use the actual BEAM to stop such a bullet, but he can GRASP solid things with it to use as a shield! And this is just one example! Think creatively, Douglas, or at least consult the Silver Age issues."

This is neither the time or the place, but one day I've got to exhume my circa-1976 correspondence files and post some of the self-righteously pissed-off letters I used to dash off very nearly every month -- sometimes under multiple false identities when I really wanted to drive home my aesthetic point! -- to the befuddled Legion Of Super-Heroes then-editor Murray Boltinoff.

(Anyone out there in the blogosphere remember the introduction of Tyroc -- Murray's misconceived effort to add racial diversity to a cast of characters which already included an assortment of unselfconsciouly green-, orange- and blue-hued super-heroes? Shortly after the patently offensive -- and quickly written-off -- character's debut, no fewer than three of my incensed alter-egos' critical LOCs were excerpted in the letter column! The poor man never knew what hit him...)

UPDATE: Test your Tyroc IQ here! Gee, I'd completely, mercifully forgetten that Tyroc's super-powers included the ability to make trees sprout tentacle-wings by shouting "IRRRRWWWW" at them. (I'm not making this up, you know.)


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