Wednesday, January 30, 2002

FULL DISCLOSURE: Justin Slotman reminds me to mention that Michelangelo Signorile has long been at odds with Sullivan for one one thing or another.

That said, my beef is solely with Sullivan's overzealous, hypocritical demand for redundant and picayune conflict of interest disclosures by every practicing journalist other than himself. I don't know how Sullivan can just shrug off this accusation -- except that he's had a lot of practice shrugging off the tough ones lately. (Did no one else notice the professional thrashing Sullivan received at the hands of Joe Conason in a "debate" on Salon earlier this month? I'd provide the link, but it's "premium content" -- you gots to pay.)

None of this is to take away from Sullivan's remarkable skills as a critical essayist. His take on Dubya's State of the Union this evening was astute, eminently fair, and posted in record time.

UPDATE: Tony Andragna makes the case that the Sullivan-Signorile feud has little to do with journalistic ethics and standards, and everything to do with the obsolesence of conventional political alliances. (But, Tony -- even if Signorile does have a private agenda, how can you gloss over the facts he lays bare?)


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