Friday, December 21, 2001

SIGN OF THE END TIME: RuPaul has a Blog! Here's a scrumptuous sample:

up until fifteen years ago, the word “diva” really meant something special. that was before vh1, star jones and every pier queen on the hudson river, used the word to describe just about anyone with a weave and some attitude. the same is true for the word “grand”. there’s the “grand cherokee” by jeep, and the “grand ballroom” at the hilton, and of course “grandma’s” fried chicken franchise in georgia. all, of which, are not very “grand” if you ask me. but when used to describe that big slit in the middle of arizona, the word “grand” is an understatement. a more suitable description would be “ that mind warping, acid trippy, breathtaking, tear inducing, freaky-deaky, surrealicious, grand canyon”. actually, those words don’t even do it justice. i was not prepared for what i saw on tuesday. i had tears in my eyes, because i couldn’t believe how beautiful it was . the fact that there were four inches of snow on the ground, only added to this benchmark in my experience on this planet. i was BLOWN A-WAY ! what’s even more amazing is that i wasn’t jacked on coffee or virginia slims lights or any other stimuli ( ok, maybe i did have a snickers bar). unlike my past, i was totally present for the journey and for that reason, and that reason alone, i’m happy it took me so many years to get there. but just like the true addict that i am, i can’t wait to go back and do it again!!!

Ru even has a link to Blair ... but not that Blair ... this Blair!


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