Wednesday, December 19, 2001

WHO IS BILL JONES? Bill Jones is running for Governor of California. In his own words:

"When recession and crime hit the 1990s, I took tough action to turn California around. As Assembly Republican Leader, I negotiated the budget that was vital in pulling California out of the recession, eliminating a $14 billion deficit. I authored the “3 Strikes” bill that cut crime in California by twice the national average. As Secretary of State, I protected term limits, reformed the election system to save millions of taxpayer dollars and put people in jail for voter fraud. I'm a third generation Californian, husband, father, rancher and farmer."

Bill Jones has also spammed my mailbox -- and sent me the same unsolicited attachment with an .HTM extension -- four times this week.

Bad form, Bill ... really, really bad. Hasn't your campaign staff told you that only pornographers, mischievous virus authors, Ponzi schemers and unrepentant terrorists send unsolicited messages to to blind e-mail lists?

Bill Jones says he wants to hear from you! For some reason, he doesn't want to give out his own e-mail address -- his Reply-To address is spoofed as "" -- but you can go to his website feedback page and tell him how you feel about this kind of fundraising tactic.

Banner: Join the Bill Jones for Governor Team

(And I live in New York City! At least spend the extra fifty bucks for a State-specific mailing list, Bill. Sheesh.)


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