Thursday, October 25, 2001


The published winter season calendar for Carnegie Hall does not appear to have a PDQ Bach concert on the schedule. Nor does he appear to have relocated to either Town Hall or Lincoln Center this year.

Everything Schickele-related on the web is also grossly out of date. His publisher (Theodore Presser) has no information about the Professor's schedule after May of this year, and the Schickele Mix pages for PRI have not been updated since they were created five years ago. (Still "optimized" for Netscape Version 2!)

Last year's PDQ Bach concert struck me as surprisingly off-kilter. The Professor was so alarmingly, genuinely "late" to the performance that the timing of his signature gag wasn't funny. The performances seemed lackluster and underrehearsed.

I wonder if he just came to realize that his heart wasn't in it anymore, and it was time to call it a day?


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