Thursday, October 25, 2001


My correspondent, Andy, alerts me:

There are things going on in space and on the Earth that you are going to have some trouble dealing with ... The Sun is about 30% brighter than it was eight years ago. YEP! Have you heard about this??? Nope...that's why we call it the lamestream "news" media. That 30% figure is my own based on Solar cell readings. Of course, if one is observant, one should have noticed that SOMETHING is wrong with the Sun as compared to several years ago. For one thing you could glance at the Sun and even see a yellow ring around it. No more. You can't even glance at it now. It's WAY too bright. If THAT is not a cosmic change, then what would be???

My first instinct is to tell my old buddy Andy to get a grip. These days, we've got bigger things to worry about than the Sun blowing up.

But --

Let's assume, for a moment, that Andy's measurements are accurate. In that case, they should be replicable. Any amateur astronomer should be able observe the same phenomenon and obtain the same results. So never mind whether the media has covered the story. If any of what Andy says is true, surely some among the many thousands of people who fancy themselves amateur astronomers must be discussing this finding amongst themselves.

How about it? Are there some some credible astronomer-hobbyists out there who can corroborate his findings?

Note to the Usual Internet Cranks: I am not interested in reading newsgroup discussions conducted under the security of untraceable aliases, or an insular set of websites maintained by like-minded individuals who simply prop up one another with self-referential links. What I would like to do is to contact someone with a real, verifiable name, street address and phone number, who would be willing to sit for a ten- or fifteen-minute interview for full attribution, and explain the methods by which they came to replicate Andy's findings independently.

While the lamestream news media is snoozing, Mind Over What Matters stands ready to break the story wide-open! All we need is that pesky "second source" for verification.

Someone? Anyone? Contact me here


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