Thursday, March 06, 2003

AMORAL DILEMMA: Scientists have discovered a meteor on a collision-course with Planet Earth. They have calculated that it will strike France in 48 hours, at approximately 2:30 A.M. Eastern Standard Time. The meteor is large enough to completely wipe France from the face of the earth forever.

France and the United Nations have requested that the United States help evacuate the country. That would mean diverting American ships and planes that are being used to fight the war on terror overseas.

UPDATE: I Would you believe this silly joke poll has generated more traffic from InstaPundit than anything Glenn has ever deigned to link here?

UPDATE II: It's been SlashDotted, too!

UPDATE III: Take it easy, Ted. It's just a joke! (And besides, I wear my baseball cap forward, not backward.)

UPDATE IV: Isaac takes offense. I respond here.


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