Tuesday, April 23, 2002

WHAT REALLY MATTERS: "Tiger Lily" doesn't "get" depravity -- but it's not a prerequisite to solving the problem:
I'll admit that I have the ability to remove my emotions with a fair degree of ease when it comes to war or, rather, the necessity for war. Mankind has never been much good at behaving themselves strictly for the sake of having good manners. I don't know why that is -- I don't even care at this point. I'm old enough now to know that that's just the way it is.

...I don't understand that depravity or lack of compassion any better today than I did the day I was born. ... What I understand today, is that I don't have to "get it" to stand and fight against it. I know now, that men, and the leadership of men, must be held accountable for fostering dehumanizing cultures. It isn't enough to punish those who've committed contemptible acts of violence. Men of good conscience must also remain adamant that their leaders encourage the awareness of the inherent dignity in all of us. Humanity is remarkably resilient. The kinder souls among us have the power to determine the course of history if we have the will to be vigilant and, ironically, the courage to fight those who inspire the mistreatment or annihilation of others.


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