Thursday, December 13, 2001

ADVANTAGE: ME! Instapundit boldly predicts that the Israel-Arafat-Hamas endgame will be a stage-managed Jordanian re-annexing of the West Bank and Gaza ... which is essentially what Mind Over What Matters also boldly predicted here, one full week earlier!

Of course, we could both yet end up looking like idiots -- but the way events are playing out so far, I think it's far more likely that we'll both seem eerily prescient compared to the professional punditocracy, which seems to have been caught napping on this one. Here's what I said, again -- and it's worth repeating, because the new alignments (if they do come about) are going to take a lot of getting used to:
...the latest trial balloon floating around is that West Bank security should become Jordan's problem. If true, one could reasonably postulate that Israel is edging toward the idea of cutting the Palestinians out of the deal altogether, eventually allowing Jordan to re-annex significant parts of the West Bank. This notion -- that Jordan is and always should have been recognized as the historical and logical Palestinian homeland -- may well be a non-starter, and it may never be taken seriously. But if Israel is seen to be edging in that direction with America's blessing, and non-Arab world opinion is agnostic on the question, history could be about to take a sharp turn into uncharted territory.

(In hindsight, I'm beginning to wish I'd named this blog Eerily Prescient ... but if any of my readers are thinking of jumping into the fray with a blog of their own, the first taker is welcome to it.)


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