Thursday, November 01, 2001


The great "Getting Mentioned" campaign is squarely under way! Huge overstuffed shipping crates full of thanks to Mickey Kaus for the prominent link in today's Kausfiles. (Scroll down four items to see what prompted him.)

If you're new to Mind Over What Matters -- not to worry, you haven't missed anything. This enterprise is only a couple of weeks old. But what a terrific start! I watched the counter roll past 1000 with the excitement of a giddy 8-year-old egging on Mom and Dad to drive around in a big circle in the Krogers parking lot while the odometer in the old Ford station wagon flipped into seven-digit territory for the first time.

Bookmark us and come back often. We'll try to keep you entertained, informed, and amused -- but above all, we'll hold your feet to the fire and make you think! (Maybe we'll even rethink a few things ourselves!)


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