Goodness knows how long it'll last, but right now, the Web is the biggest flea market in the world. You just don't know what you're going to find. I like flea markets. Welcome to my finds. (And by the way, thanks for stopping by my own stall!)
Andy Ihnatko's Colossal Waste of Bandwidth -- The best "inexcusable multimegabyte-long love letter to my own gargantuan ego"
Leonard's Cam World -- I just finished re-reading the Robert Heinlein travel book TRAMP ROYALE. It's a fine book, but lacks pictures of the many places he visited on his round-the-world tour. It took a bit over forty years, but it seems that Leonard's Cam World might help fill the visual gaps. So check out this site . . . maybe an Australian cam will have a picture of the Magnificent Bird of Paradise.
Harry Shearer -- Go and giggle. Great place to listen to RealAudio transmissions of LE SHOW, Harry's radio incarnation.
The Finley Quality Network -- A Mike Harney production. Mr. Harney, completely unknown to him, made it possible for me to be in a room laughing until breathless at MST3K videos, while my dearest companion Jay was in the same room, practically dying from a spider bite. I note this to show how odd the universe can be, sometimes.
Jim Freund: Hour of the Wolf -- Some people say that they'll always remember a beloved teacher or wise old relative who opened their eyes to vast wonders in the world that they never dreamed existed. Jim Freund is my guy. Through his science fiction and radio spectacular, he's brought many entertainments into my life that have become part of me -- the soundtrack to the movie Silent Running, the electric-folk group Steeleye Span, and oh, my beloved Goon Show. But I have a small phobia about him. I've listened to Jim on the radio for twenty, maybe twenty-four years, and I've never seen a picture of him, or him in person, for that matter. And I don't want to. Is that peculiar? Better that he remain a voice from the ether, offering sonic delights like David Bowie singing "We Are Hungry Men" ("We're here to eat you.")
Tubeworld -- Your one-stop destination for television-character genealogy. See how the Roman emperor Claudius (I, Claudius) can be considered the ancestor of Bob Hartley (The Bob Newhart Show).

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