These are links to people I'm happy to call Web Neighbor.

Harry Broertjes -- Mild-mannered reporter (and someone unable to escape the ever-caching grasp of There were rumors that he has a mental link with . . .

Jay Zilber -- Who has got a tentative page advertising his business, ASAP Graphics, but it's not finalized quite yet. He also writes for one of those blogs the kids all have, at It's a fact!

Richard Bensam -- He's a prince and a pal, a Shareware God, and modest as all get out.

Chris Companik -- Wow, see, this is what happens when you update a page three or four years after you started it. I should have put Chrisco in a long time ago, but this page was first written way before he actually had a page to link to.

Angelynx Archive -- She's a Marilyn Manson fan, and I always did like her personal-style writings in the days when it took two months to get them by mail.

Interlac -- The web manifestation of the world-famous Legion of Super-Heroes amateur press association. Those people who have done a search-engine search for LSH or the Legion and have ended up on my page are encouraged to zip right on over to this link and luxuriate in what you'll find.

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