Wednesday, April 16, 2003

GIVE UNTIL IT HURTS! The "National Network to End the War Against Iraq" is still soliciting donations! You'd think they'd be delighted to declare victory and go home -- but no, these people still want your money. One might almost suspect that their real purpose is to perpetuate the organization rather than accomplishing any actual goals...

Among this organization's many embarrassing, obsolete and disproven claims, the NNEWAI also schemes to part the ill-informed from their money with the following urgent plea:
We call for the banning of depleted uranium munitions, and a complete clean up operation of the battlefield in southern Iraq, where radioactive debris from close to a million rounds of depleted uranium weapons fired during the Gulf Conflict and after has been associated with an epidemic of cancer, leukemia and congenital birth defects among not only Iraqis but also US veterans who fought in the Gulf Conflict.

And while we're at it, why not also rail against cuts and infections from discarded, broken bottles and cans -- which represent an even greater hazard to Iraqi civilians and US veterans alike?

Come on, folks -- can't we finally dispense with this "depleted uranium" boogeyman, once and for all? As Steven Den Beste explained awhile back, "You would increase your exposure to radiation far more by moving to a new home 100 feet up a hill than by living next to a 1 ton block of U-238." (He went on to explain the science of radiation, in easily comprehensible layman's language, here and here.)

Another debunking of the depleted uranium myth can be found here.

Depleted uranium -- stop it, you guys -- you're killing me!


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