Friday, March 21, 2003


Sources: Saddam Injured - Witnesses Reportedly Saw Saddam Carried Out on a Stretcher After U.S. Airstrike.

So the question remains: Was that really a wounded and barely coherent Saddam reading off that notepad, propped up against a hospital wall backdrop? Or, if it was one if his stand-ins doing a little freelancing, then the question remains: On whose authority?

Steven Den Beste's theory: "He's dead, or he's wounded, or he's on the run; no matter which it is, he doesn't seem to be commanding, and it may be that no one is."

Either way -- this is surely unprecedented in modern or historical warefare -- that either side's Commander In Chief might be sidelined or eliminated in the first hour of the first battle. Comparisons to a Mike Tyson 15-second knockout punch leap to mind. And you've got to know that even Kim Jong Il must be seriously rethinking whether he wants to be the next guy in the ring.


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