Wednesday, July 10, 2002

WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE: I don't know which is worse -- that a Saudi Ambassador simply said what was on his toxic little mind -- or that Britain did not immediately act to expel him and recall their own Ambassador in protest.

"Israel's actions in the occupied territories are worse than those committed by the Nazis," Ghazi al-Gosalbi, Saudi Arabia's ambassador to Britain, was quoted by Israel Radio quoted as saying Wednesday morning.

In a public speech, al-Gosalbi condoned the actions of suicide terrorists, the radio reported.

He said Israel's actions, in occupying the West bank and Gaza, were worse than the actions of the Germans during World War II, and that the use of violence against Palestinian civilians leaves them with no alternative but to carry out suicide bombings.

UPDATE: Of course, I should have known that Little Green Footballs would already have the "scoop." I hadn't been posting all that much about the Middle East conflict lately, not for lack of visceral opinions, but because Charles Johnson serves as a perfectly good nexus for that corner of the Blogosphere -- and frankly, I'd rather just read LGF daily than routinely echo its sentiments here.


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