Tuesday, July 09, 2002

IN FLUX: We're still "Powered by Blogger" here, but Mind Over What Matters is finally off the Blogspot server. Hopefully, that means we won't be subject to those infamous Blogger outages from now on.

I'm still playing around with the design and layout, so don't be taken aback as the appearance of this page continues to change radically from one day to the next.

Note that the blogroll column has been substantially expanded. I still need to devise a more meaningful way to organize and break down all those links, but at least they exist now. If you've asked me for a reciprocal link sometime in the past three or four months, your patience has finally been rewarded. (Unless you've recently joined the ranks of blogger retirees and refugees, and it's too dadblasted late to matter anymore.)

Also, the Archives should be working properly again. [Nope! Keep trying. -Ed.]

Next up -- a new, more lighthearted masthead illustration.

By the way: Up until now, I've been too humble to press the matter of donations, but -- y'know -- it actually costs me real money to keep this thing going, now that I have to maintain a commercial web-hosting account for a non-Blogger URL.

Look at it this way: What a complete waste of money it would be to renew your Salon Premium subscription this year. You'd be throwing your hard-earned cash down a multi-million-dollar sinkhole -- and you know in your heart of hearts that they'll be out of business by October. Whereas, the same $30 would defray my entire operating costs for a couple of months -- and as far as I know, I'm not going anywhere.

I'm just saying, is all.


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