Tuesday, May 28, 2002

MYSTERY DODECAHEDRON: Spotted this prop on a Pop-Up Brady Bunch rerun over the weekend, and squealed "My stereo speakers!" Or at least, they would have been my speakers, if I could have afforded a pair of these when I spotted them hanging from the ceiling in a special-interest record store on Eighth Street circa 1978. Their multi-directional sound was exquisite, and the aesthetic sensibility would have been a sublime compliment to the interlocking foam Puzzle Couch that furnished my first apartment, and the Giant Hand chair that I would have loved to add to the ensemble.

The record store is long gone, put out of business by nearby Tower Records at least ten years ago. And the speakers, I would hazard a guess, are no longer manufactured. But what a kick it would be if they ever turned up on eBay...

(Screen grab thanks to the miracle of TiVo "real-time rewind.")


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