Tuesday, January 29, 2002

MIND OVER WHAT MAILBAG: The eminently sensible Mark Evanier -- whose POVonline website has lately morphed into what I would describe as the preeminent blog about comics, popular culture and show business -- adds this P.S. to my coverage of KrugmanGate:
Did Krugman poison Andrew Sullivan's lhasa apso or something like that? The whole dispute sounds very personal; like the latter has just been waiting for an opportunity to dump on the former. ... Amidst the steaming pile of debris that is Enron, the worst possible interpretation of Krugman's ethics is a gnat-bite compared to some of the tiger maulings that are now being revealed.

Something personal between Sullivan and Krugman? Yeah, I think there must be a dead dog somewhere in the picture. Either that, or Sullivan can't admit that he'd staked out a target that didn't really deserve more than an asterisk's worth of ire, so he's ratcheted up the stakes to cover his error in judgment.

I don't want to repeat myself endlessly on a subject that should have played itself out by now -- but even as I type these words, sure enough, here's none other than Andrew Sullivan popping up on local talk radio, taking yet another opportunity to bash Krugman after promising on his website today that he was finally ready to let it go. Oh, wait -- actually, Sullivan gave himself an escape clause: "Iím gonna lay off," he said,"(unless I canít help myself)." Good enough for me. I, too, hereby promise to move on to another topic -- unless I feel like reneging on that promise tomorrow.


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